Legs & Buttocks

What does the treatment include?

Before the treatment starts, you will complete a consultation form and your suitability and needs will be discussed so you can achieve the best possible results. Measurements will be taken to assess the treatment results. Also, you will be encouraged to start drinking plenty of water.

During the treatment, you will receive Cavitation and Radiofrequency in your Legs and Buttocks areas using PureLift+ one of the most advanced Cavitation and Radiofrequency machines available in the UK market.

4D Cavitation will break down fat and improve the texture and appearance of the skin, which will have a significative positive impact on any cellulitis (orange peel) present in the area, while Multi-polar Radiofrequency will tighten the skin, giving it a smoother appearance and promoting collagen re-growth.

Both Cavitation and Radiofrequency require the use of Ultrasound gel, which has a cooling effect. Details on the gel composition can be found here.

After the treatment, you will receive a brief but intense slimming and lymphatic drainage massage to enhance the results. Measurements will be taken and compared with those before Cavitation, aftercare advice will be given and a collagen body moisturiser will be applied. Details on the moisturiser composition can be found here.

You can expect your skin to be firmer and your Legs and Buttocks circumference to be reduced several centimetres after each session.

What do I need to know for treatment?

Before the treatment:

You need to bear in mind that it is very important to be well hydrated before and after the Cavitation treatment, as this has an effect on the results. It is advised that you drink 1 litre of water before the treatment.

When you fill in the consultation form, you will need to disclose accurate information about your medications, health issues or changes. Also, the treatment can not take place if you are pregnant .

Avoid booking any heating treatments on the day, such as laser, IPL or sunbeds.

During the treatment:

Ultrasound gel will be applied to your tummy and waistline and the Cavitation transducer will be stroked against your skin. You will feel a pleasant heat and will be able to relax.

Some people may feel a slight discomfort initially, due to the specific low frequency ultrasound noise experienced, but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the transducer.

After the treatment:

To maximise results, it is advised to exercise within 4-6 hours after the Cavitation treatment, as you will want to use up the energy so the fat released doesn’t settle back in your system, and to avoid eating simple carbohydrates and drinking alcohol for 72 hours after the treatment.

It is also important to be well hydrated after Cavitation, as this has an effect on the results and you will need to help your body to eliminate the toxins and fats released into the system. Please drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day, or the amount advised at your appointment, and stay hydrated as much as possible for the 72 hours following your appointment.

Duration: 240″

Price: £100

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