Samsara Spiritual

What is Samsara Spiritual?

Science has proven that keeping high levels of stress in our bodies for a long period of time can reduce physical and mental wellbeing.

In order to reduce stress and anxiety in our daily life, a technique integrating five different kinds of massage has been developed at Samsara to promote that you reach a state of total body and mind wellbeing: Samsara Relax.

After 60 minutes of Samrara Relax bliss, Samsara Spiritual adds 30 additional minutes of Reiki to balance your body energy and promote that your mind, body and spirit are in complete syntony.

What is the massage like?

Samsara Relax is a massage including five different techniques: Swedish massage, Relaxing massage, Chiromassage, Reflexology and Indian Head massage.

During the first 60 minutes of the session, the person is led to a disconnection of the body and mind to allow the natural healing processes which had been damaged by stress and anxiety to be be activated.

The last 30 minutes will lead to an attunement of the body energy by using Reiki.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: £39

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